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How do I collect points?

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by Craig Beevers in Design about August 23, 2014 open - report

Multi Currency for subscriptions and ecommerce.

With a SE4 website based in the UK, I have potential members and vendors who are based in Europe (Euros), Switzerland ( Swiss Francs) as well as the Home country of UK ( pound Sterling)So a minimum of 3 different currency for members to want to pay for subscriptions and products with local currency. plus vendors who will want to advertise goods in their local currencies ( with functionality to show their buyers how much it would cost their customers in their local currency). Therefore Using SE4 and socialengine add ons (SEAO), has anyone tried to implement one of the following or can anyone offer recommendations on the approach for the customisation specification?1) Setup Different subscription plans with different currencies. A). PayPal picks up the local advertised currency and value and executes a transaction based on the equivalent value in the members own currency. B). SE4 allows subscription plan with different currencies to be created. Member chooses the appropriate plan with their currency, the payment gateway processes the value in the currency advertised. 2) Set up a single global Marketplace with many stores in different countries advertising products in their local currency. A translation feature then shows the member what the rough cost is in their currency. Member can select products, the payment gateway then commits to the order using the actual foreign exchange rates, order is executed as normal. Looking for a truly global implementation of a marketplace for my members. Thanks in advance.

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    by Kapil Jain about November 20, 2014

    Hi Craig,


    You can contact to support multiple currency for your Website.

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