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How do I collect points?

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by Nick in General about June 17, 2014 open - report

What do you want to see in SocialEngine 5?

I know there were no announcements about it. However I think we can actually influence official team by providing sugestions.

Let's post some interesting ideas of how the platform can be re-invented.

What's you actually missing or find limiting?

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4 Answers
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    by Pulsate Media about June 20, 2014

    Having logged into my admin panel..........

    We could really use a way to have very specific control of admin panel functions. As the community/project grows you need to bring more people onbord. Giving these people full-blown admin panel access is a serious risk to your site an business.

    I'm not talking about moderation here (although that needs work too). But for example it would be nice to grant certain SE users (temp) access to the layout manager, without anything else, the user list and ability to login as other users for example!!!

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    by Pulsate Media about June 20, 2014

    Database structure overhaul, especially for search queries.

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    by Eugene about June 18, 2014

    If we are talking about a serious upgrade there are 3 major things. I won't include any requests that can be done with custom modifications or plugins.


    1. Migration from Mootools to JQuery. Both are great, but currently JQuery is muh more popular. There are more interesting libraries and scripts done with it. This switch will give a serious push for 3rd party plugins. Right now some developers already include JQuery, which I think isn't the best idea.


    2. New Layout. A fresh look will be nice. But also layout that is responsive considering demand for mobile apps.


    3. Zend Framework 2. Currently Zend Framework 1 is used. It's no longer under development. ZF2 is faster and under active development. Using ZF2 will mean a serious rewrite of SocialEngine, but it's definitely worth it.

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    by Danzo about June 17, 2014

    It's pretty cool, but I wish there were some official mobile apps to use.

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