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How do I collect points?

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by Dan in General about May 8, 2014 open - report

Mobile App

We're exploring what to do with going forward with a mobile app.

I've looked at the app from Younet.  They create an app that works with your SE site, but only accesses a few plugins.  Their price tag is $1200.

The other avenue that we're exploring is the product from Booya Media.  Their app seems to access your SE site by presenting the "mobile" pages from SE, but you should be able to access anything from your site that is available via a mobile page.  Their price tag is $1500.

Wondering if someone has any experience with either of the two?



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    by Kapil Jain about February 15, 2016

    Hi Dan,

    We are pleased to announce our native mobile apps for Socialengine. You can try 30-day free trial for our Socialegine mobile App:



    Feel free to contact us at

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    by Kapil Jain about August 23, 2014

    Hi Dan,

    There are app from HE and SEAO as well.  Some of our clients used these mobile apps and found the experience to be ok(not much smooth as it should be in native).

    Hope this helps.

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    • Dan
      by Dan
      August 31, 2014

      Not sure I understand. The Apps from HE or SEAO are not native?

    • Kapil Jain
      by Kapil Jain
      April 29, 2015

      Hi Dan,
      Yes, you are right that the mobile apps from HE and SEAO are hybrid mobile apps. They are built on HTML5/CSS3 and packaged in the native platform.
      We have just launched our iOS native mobile application for socialengine and you can check more det...  more

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