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How do I collect points?

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by Joe Read in Coding about January 27, 2014 open - report

Plugin-based Auth/Signup Implementation

Hello everyone,

Been looking for a day or two at SocialEngine and the lack of documentation is scary to me, but reading sourcecode helps.

Which leads to my question, I could hack/slash at modules/User/controllers all day long to get the functionality I'm trying to get, but is this the best way of handling a remote signup/authentication method, or would a plugin be better?

I personally think that it should be the job of the plugin (for ease of updating the core software without re-applying my changes), but looking at a few other plugins leaves me somewhat confused as well.

In the plugins, I see a similar directory structure to what's in my base install.  So does this mean I could just make modules/user/Controllers in my plugin, make different controllers for signup and authentication around my other software, and then activate the plugin, and those will override the core?  Will this even work when it comes to authenticating and registering Users, what seems like a core-only component?

Is there a beginners guide to SocialEngine Plugin writing somewhere?  Even other threads on this site that claim to have extra info link to sites that are down now.  Thanks in Advance.

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