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How do I collect points?

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by Eugene in General about August 13, 2011 open - report

Community Business Ideas

Idea worth nothing without the hard work. Share ideas for communities you will love to see, but don’t have time/budget to get done. By helping other you might get a useful idea for your own community or even workout a better idea.

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2 Answers
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    by Burrito Loco about August 18, 2011

    sharing business ideas is like telling others "hey, i just found gold and it's 500 meters to the east." = )
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    • Eugene
      by Eugene
      August 18, 2011

      I think in this case it's rather telling how to get gold by buying apples from farmers and selling them in some big city.
      It's a bad idea to go in such business if you aren't related to it in any way.
      As to recipes community idea - you should not go for i...  more

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    by Eugene about August 13, 2011

    Recipes community. When I was a student I enjoyed cooking and trying new recipes. But as all students didn’t have much time. It would be nice to have a search when you can get a recipe by entering what ingredients you have right now in a fridge. Of course there should be comment and recommendations from your friends. So it will be possible to make this search and sort resutls by likes received from your friends.
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    • STD
      by STD
      August 16, 2011

      Nice idea. But how does it suppose to generate revenue?

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