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by Nick in General about March 1, 2013 open - report

SocialEngine 4.3.0 review

I want to continue a good tradition and write a review for SocialEngine 4.3.0

It's been almost 2 weeks after the release and we already have a patch 4.3.0p1 with few fixes

Here is my short review for SE 4.3.0

1. New styles for admin panel (check screenshot #1).
2. Private messages are now composed in pop-up overlapping windows. There is a search in messages (screenshot #2, #3).
3. Individual privacy settings for profile question (screenshot #4).
4. More pages were added to layout editor.
5. Lots of bug fixes.

1. Messages bug.
If you see "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ':' ...." follow these instructions
This fix is already included in p1 patch
2. Twitter connection
If you see "Unable to connect to ssl:// Error..."
use the following instructions to resolve this

Side note
SocialEngine blog seems to be heavily moderated now and there is no link to it in header. There were a lot of critical posts and requests, but some of them was really honest and valuable.

After almost a year we got a solid update with real improvements. Hopefully SocialEngine team will keep up the same level of attention for SE PHP updates. I have not updated SocialEngineCamp yet, but it looks like a good version to be used in production.

What's your opinion about SocailEngine 4.3.0 release?

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3 Answers
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    by Mike D about March 14, 2013

    I have quite a few but it wasn't this slow in 4.9. I am also battling all sorts of errors. I always regret updating.

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  • 26

    by Mike D about March 13, 2013

    Is it me or does it seem that the SE 4.3 is slower than 4.9? 

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    • Nick
      by Nick
      March 14, 2013

      Do you mean 4.2.9? Note, seems fine for me. At least without plugins. Possibly some plugins may be slower. What plugins do you have installed?

  • 264

    by Gaurav Sharma about March 1, 2013

    Thanks Nick


    The compose auto completer in message is also not working.

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    • Nick
      by Nick
      March 3, 2013

      I've noticed it was showing only friends as suggestions. Need to check

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