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How do I collect points?

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by Naresh Kumar in Coding about February 7, 2013 closed - report


Hi All,


I am a newbie to Zend.  I am a java developer and good at struts and EJBs, but seems nothing is helpful out here with Zend.  Recently am working on social engine code and lost in the middle how the HOME page is getting loaded......(guess it may be silly for most of you)


I found out that content table and pages table are used, but unsure where in code they are called and loaded exactly...


It could be helpful for me

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    by Gaurav Sharma about February 11, 2013 Best answer

    you can find home page in the admin layout menu


    go to admin>layout>layout editior


    there you can find home page 


    on home page ,there should be widget and you can change in the corrosponding widget in the code


    hopefully it will help you

    • Naresh Kumar
      by Naresh Kumar
      February 16, 2013

      Hi Gaurav, Thanks for the reply, but my question is "Whenever the application is getting loaded for the first time, it is routed to PAGE ID -3," that is login page, I am not sure where it is configured so that the page is getting redirected to H...  more

    • Naresh Kumar
      by Naresh Kumar
      April 12, 2013

      I Got the answer myself...Hope this would help someone..
      whenever the application loads for the first time, it is going to indexcontroller and indexactin of Core module. In the Index action, they are calling a helper method Content.php, which loads the d...  more

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