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How do I collect points?

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by Sebastiano in Coding about February 3, 2013 open - report

let's (almost) open-source socialengine PHP to continue the development on our own!

so, since we realized that we are never going to see socialengine php 5 and socialengine php 4 seems almost dead, I am wondering if someone could be interested in a sort of open/closed source development.


Obviously we cannot share SocialEngine code, but as license holders, we can surely share it among us in a private repository.


Who would be interested in actively continue developing and improving socialengine in this way? 

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    by Nick about February 11, 2013

    I think idea to independent contributions is nice. However there are two problems I see

    1. You need a way to detect if person has a license. Otherway it will be piracy.

    2. There should be a clear vision as to features. More than a half of Se owners want some "ajaxy features". I think there should be improvements to core features only, nothing fancy.


    Have you tried to contat some of SE 3rd party developers? Possibly they will be interested in releasing upgrades for the core. Such things will be lost after SE upgrade. But if there will be more fixes in 3rd party upgrade than in official

    upgrade - it may make a perfect sense to stay with unofficial upgrade.

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    • Sebastiano
      by Sebastiano
      February 11, 2013

      1. My idea is to double check the domains of the interested people with SocialEngine guys, however I am not sure it would be piracy anyway. We are not talking about a nulled version, so the code works only if the license is valid, am I correct? I am not t...  more

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