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How do I collect points?

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by Sebastiano about January 7, 2013 open - report

Social Engine user notification (updates)

SocialEngine user notification (or updates) is very poor. The worst problem is that if there are 2 or more notifications on the same page, once the page is visited, the relative notifications are not c leared up!



do you know if something is possible to do to improve this mess?



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    by Mike D about February 16, 2013

    NO there is not. I have contacted 4 separate developers regading a plugin for this and none want to make this plugin available in the store. They will however develop this as custom for you. I try not to do custom work and only use availbe plugins that way I am sure they will be version updated. Perhaps you can ask devs to maybe they will see a demand and make it. There is one company that did make something like this but they are not reliable and I don't trust them. I have also requested this in an update from SE...not sure why they decided this was a good thing....

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