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How do I collect points?

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by Danzel Townsend in General about December 25, 2012 open - report

SocialEngine PHP or something else?

Merry Christmas everyone!
I see quite a lot of critics on SocialEngine blog. So my feeling about it are mixed.
Is SocialEngine PHP (the most recent version) worth trying? I like design and variety of plugins, but I have a lot of doubts about quality and support considering all reports.
Is there any better alternative? I've tried to ask on other forums - some people suggest to hire developers and write my own community script. Somebody mentioned checking vbulletin 5.

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    by Sebastiano about January 7, 2013

    I do not like VBulletin, but take a look to phpfox

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    by Jeff Pearson about December 25, 2012

    Quick answer: SocialEngine has issues, most likely support isn't good right now, but IMHO this script is still better than available alternatives.

    There is quite a lot of critics on blog, but I have researched vbulletin 5 platform for a client. If you will check vbulettin official forums you will see similar posts there:
    "it still just doesn't look right to me", "Slow, ugly, fails to render correctly", "You must be joking. I wait to see HUGE improvements", "This is subjective but I feel vB5 is has even more clutter than vB 4", "VBulletin 5 so far has been probably one of, if not the worst, fails in VB history." and so on. Here is a link for you

    I've used SE for few projects in past and still support few projects built on it. It's pretty solid if you use it correctly (without dozens of plugins) and optimize server (caching, nginx). It will cost much more than 250usd to write something like that from scratch.

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