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by Gaurav Sharma in General about July 6, 2012 open - report

Upgrade socialengine version 2.x to 4.x

Socialengine 4.2.x is the latest version of Socialengine that has been released in recent days. If you have a community on this platform it makes sense to upgrade socialengine to get all the new features and support from large community of developers writing plugins for Socialengine. But there are lots of challenges while migrating the user data from socialengine 2.x to socialengine 4.2.x as latest socialengine is build on different architecture (ZendFramework) than the previous architecture.

We have been able to migrate two bigger communities from socialengine 2.x to socialengine 4.2.x successfully. In this article, we would like to share challenges during the migration. Here are the main challenges that occurred during the migrations:

Missing album cover photo

After completing the migration, all the covers for the albums are gone. You would need to run customize query to fix this issue.

Missing Birthday for user

When you click on user’s profile and you would be surprised that the info tab is missing or contents are missing. After little investigation, you would found that the birthday dates are not migrated and need to write a custom sql to fix the issue.


Missing Last Update Status date

On the member’s home page, Last update field would display ‘Invalid Date’. You would need to write custom sql query to fix the issue.
Missing Photo Upload Links for groups

When you click on the groups, you won’t able to find the upload photo link because of the permission issues.You can fix it by clicking on edit group and save it.

Missing group category

All the groups would be migrated to the single category and this can be fixed by running custom query.

Incorrect user level

If you have multiple user levels for the community, there are chances that level id would different

HTML contents for user info

In socialengine v2, you have some fields which allows html contents for user’s fields but socialengine v4 allows on plan text. So after migration, there would be html characters in the text. You would need to either change the source code to display html content or develop a custom program to remove the html contents.

Special characters issue

There would be special characters like quote,amp or single quote which would be left after the migration. You would need to write a custom program to get rid of these characters.

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    by Nick about July 6, 2012

    Amazing job, guys! Thanks for sharing.

    How many members were in both communities? How long did it take to make this upgrade?

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    • Kapil Jain
      by Kapil Jain
      July 6, 2012

      One community(Kids) had ~28K users and other (Holiywood) had ~9K users. Actually for first community, we had to migrate the customization also so it was a very bigger task while other community owner agrees to migrate without any custom changes. We took ~...  more

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