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How do I collect points?

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by Sophy Reid in Critique Request about June 6, 2012 open - report

Image thumbnails and avatars not showing up.

I moved my site from shared to VPS but since then, it is not showing all image thumbnails and some members' avatars. What could possibly be the cause and how to fix it? Attached are examples of missing avatars and image thumbnails in the groups plugin.

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2 Answers
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    by Nick about June 7, 2012

    I think there could be 3 reasons of this issue:

    1. Permissions on folder with thumbnails (it could be there are to read permissions after the migration)

    2. Missing thumbnails (they might not be copied)

    3. Something wrong with paths settings (either paths setting of server or CDN)

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    • Sophy Reid
      by Sophy Reid
      June 7, 2012

      Regarding the first reason, which folder with the thumbnails? 777 permissions are already applied to the following directories:
      1. /install/config.
      2. /temporary.
      3. /public....  more

    • Nick
      by Nick
      June 7, 2012

      The first things I would do - check if image is on server. Get the url of missing thumbnail and try to open it in browser. If it's missing check the same location via ftp.

    • Kapil Jain
      by Kapil Jain
      June 8, 2012

      are you able to resolve the issue yet ? thumbnails shud be in public directory

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    by Kapil Jain about June 6, 2012

    Hi Sophy,


    This could be the issue while migrating the data from shared to VPS and I think the public directory is not copied properly on new server. Other issue could be relative path for your application. could you share the url for your community so that one of could take a look?

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    • Sophy Reid
      by Sophy Reid
      August 1, 2012

      Kapil you were right public directory is not copied properly on new server. In recopied and the problem was fixed.

    • Kapil Jain
      by Kapil Jain
      August 3, 2012

      wow thats cool :) ..Best wished for community

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