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How do I collect points?

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by Duncan Macintyre in Coding about January 22, 2012 open - report


My old-fashioned client wants to know if SE can work with IE6 (at all).

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    by Eugene about January 23, 2012

    Duncan, SE won't work with IE6. As developers we understand SE team.

    The reasoning is pretty simple - it requires 30-40% more development time to add IE6 support(workaround or hacks). Percentace of IE visitors for most of social networks are about 10% (at least for numerous networks we were working on). About 1% or less are visitors who use IE6. There are more visitors who use Opera mini or Android Browser.

    What will you do whne you know statistics? Will you rather add new feature, mobile support, promote your community or add IE6 support?

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