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How do I collect points?

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by Louise Wilson about August 21, 2011 open - report

Whats New / Feed Width

I'm looking at changing the width of the Whats New / Feed. Cannot seems to find it in the CSS. Could you point me in the right direction please :)

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    by Vitaly Manzenko about August 21, 2011

    Tabs can be fixed in few ways: 1) Go to admin panel. Click ‘Layout’ menu item->’Layout Editor’. Find ‘Member profile’ link and click it. See ‘Tab Container’ block and click on ‘Edit’ to the right from block title. ‘Editing: Tab Container’ popup window will open. Enter the Max Tab Count quantity. This will make the tabs quantity on the website to fit the page width. All the tabs that don’t fit the width will appear under the ‘More’ tab 2) To make a website wider, just add these lines to your theme.css file in admin ( #global_content, .layout_core_menu_main ul, .layout_core_menu_logo, .layout_core_menu_mini { width:980px!important;} .layout_page_footer .layout_main { width:960px!important;}
    • Louise Wilson
      by Louise Wilson
      August 21, 2011

      Correct answer to this is to add the below to the theme.css
      #global_content, .layout_core_menu_main ul,
      .layout_core_menu_mini { width:1480px!important;}
      editing the 1480px to your desired amount

    • Nick
      by Nick
      August 22, 2011

      Thanks, Vitaly

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