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How do I collect points?

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by Simon Varga in Plugins about September 18, 2017 open - report

Flag Images as adult and show them only to a specific user level?

Hello everyonhappy to find this place.


I have recently bought SE and want to modify it. I need that members can flag their images as "Adult" or "Sexual explicit content". Those images should be replaced with and 18+ image. Iwant that sexual images are only shown to users with a special user level, eg. payed a subsription.


How can I do that? Library Package? Modify the main album module?


please help



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    by Eugene about September 25, 2017

    We have a plugin that allows flagging pages as adult:


    There is functionality either for users to report them as adult or for admin to set that. But in case you need that to work with specific images (including thumbnails) - it will require modification of the plugin you use for images (do you use standard Albums?)

    One more question - who will mark the image as nsfw? Author or other users?

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