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How do I collect points?

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by Eugene in Coding about March 28 open - report

SocialEngine 4.8 and broken Facebook login

This should be useful for SocialEngine based communities.


Since Facebook rolled out new API version Facebook login got broken. There is a quick workaround for this

1. open file application/libraries/Facebook/Base.php


2. look for method getAccessTokenFromCode (it should be at line ~596)


3. Replace lines

$response_params = array();
parse_str($access_token_response, $response_params);

with one line:

$response_params = json_decode($access_token_response, true);

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2 Answers
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    by Yuval Jacobi about April 24

    Thank you so much Eugine, 

    I was banging my head on the wall for a few weeks until I got here...

    Damn Facebook API...

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    by Kristy Kav about April 6


    You are a lifesaver!

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