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by Doc in Hosting about May 16, 2015 canceled - report

Maximize Server Resources - Load Balancing

Hello there. We are running Social Engine for about 1,500 users. It started out quite fast with page loads of 1s but now is down to around 4-(who knows when) seconds. We host it ourselves in our own small datacenter (I have had my own datacenter for 25 years), on quite a powerful dedicated server:

Dell R900 with:

- 4 x quad core Xeon 3.0 GHz (16 Cores)

- 128 GB RAM

- 8 x 10k SAS drives in a RAID 10

This is not a virtual server, it is bare metal. We run Varnish -> Nginx -> php-fast-cgi + page speed. 

The site feels bloated and slow and sometimes just sits there with the hour glass spinning. I have become pretty disgusted with it. We have tried many tuning methods for the DB, PHP, Nginx and Varnish. Nothing has really made a big difference. The processors usually are sitting idle, but the site is sluggish. It only uses about 3GB of the memory.

Would I be better off breaking the server into about 4 virtual machines like: 

1 - Load balancer -> Nginx or Zen or Varnish

2 - Web servers -> Possibly Apache for compatilbity

1 - DB Server

Has anyone ever tried this or have any tips? We once load balanced wordpress with hyper-db and l-sync and it worked wonders. 

Thank you!

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