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How do I collect points?

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by Wayne Hunt about May 14, 2015 open - report

The blame game with SE and plugins...?


Recently installed my first SE site at  So far, I've really enjoyed it but I'm running into a bit of a "pass the blame" issue between plugin and theme developers.

Bought a copy of Integrity from SETweaks, and a copy of Advanced Activity Feeds from SocialEngineAddons.  Both are working 99% except for one little thing.  In the Activity Feed, the little drop-down box (where you find "delete" and other options), the text is scrambled/overlapping.

1) I tried other themes and the plugin works flawlessly.

2) I reached out to SETweaks, but they don't even bother to try and fix the problem, claiming it's the plugin author's fault.

3) I reached out to SocialEngineAddons and they replicated the correct functioning of their product with every other theme out there, so they can't do much but ask me to contact SETweaks for a fix.

I hate the idea of finding (and having to buy) another theme, and SETweaks absolutely refuses to help further, so I'm stuck with zero idea what to do.  SocialEngineAddons at least promises they will try to help, but there's little they can do because it's SETweaks theme at fault.

Here's the thing.  SocialEngine is -- so far -- a very cool product that offers a lot of what users need.  However, MOST of what everyone ends up with is an amalgum of piecemeal plugins and themes from MANY different third party developers.

If everyone's writing their own thing, and everyone's refusing to help because it's always "someone else's fault", what the bleep are we Admins supposed to do to make SE work the way it's supposed to?

Any ideas?

Wayne Hunt

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2 Answers
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    by Gaurav Sharma about May 15, 2015


    I tried to signup in your website but did not get the verification yet. Please provide me normal user login credentials. I will take a look and will provide you the fix solution.


    Hopefully that will help you !!

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    by Nick about May 15, 2015

    Compatibility between 3rd party plugins and themes isn't something you can get done easily.

    The majority of plugins/themes developers test them with standard SocialEngine plugins and layouts. I'm not sure if developers allow each other to download their own products.

    Though, I've seen WebHive and Hire-Experts to collaborate on this.

    IMHO theme developers should fix this on your setup, but you might need to offer them a fee to cover this development.

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    • Eugene
      by Eugene
      May 29, 2015

      Yes, I can confirm

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