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How do I collect points?

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by moma bear in Coding about January 8, 2015 open - report

lost admin password

Lost Admin master password.

The lost password email is not sending it to me.  I think i have to fix that in admin~  lol

The social engine site has the OLD FIRST VERSION instructions of SE_Admin instructions however,

that is NOT the way the DB is set up in the lastest download social engine.

would deeply appriciate somone who can tell me how and where what is to fix this.

I have asked and they are no help other than pointing me to OLD DB instruction manual which is really not very fair to people who buy their script to have OLD manual that does not apply to current bought uploads or new script.  

Anyway,  I have found password....  but old instructions says to change core_admin core value and i dont see that anywhere. its surely not with the password table anyway.

SO... who is smart enough to figure this out!


:)  let me know

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    by tchek tchek about June 27, 2015

    Hi,For change your password follow this howto :
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