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by Joe Kansas in Hosting about November 23, 2014 open - report

Hosting Services

I am creating a social network where users will upload mostly videos and photos.
It is like an audiovisual diary.

I need a hosting server company to support that and that it is fast.

Which Server/Host services do you recommend?
Does someone tried Amazon Web Services?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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4 Answers
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    by Testers about January 31, 2016

    AWS is too expesive in the end unless you are making tons of money off the site.

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    by Testers about November 30, 2015


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    by Kapil Jain about November 28, 2014

    Hi Joe,

    If you are expecting miliion users on your site then it's better to have your site hosting on AWS. We have helped some of our client to run their sites on AWS and you can check few of them below:

    If you expect your users to be under 50K-60K then I would recommend to use socialfoxhosting as hosting is being optimized for socialengine performance and supported by company).

    Hope this helps.

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    by Pulsate Media about November 23, 2014

    Google compute cloud offers more bang for your buck than AWS on their instances but isnt quite as full featured as AWS. Many state that the performance of google compute's network is superior to that of AWS.

    One caveat, "cloud" offerings are not computationally fast nor are they built to be. They are designed to scale. Depending on your budget, a dedicated server to host and run your SE installation (web/php/sql) combined with AWS S3 for video/photo storage may yield the best results.

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    • Joe Kansas
      by Joe Kansas
      November 24, 2014

      Thank you!

    • Joe Kansas
      by Joe Kansas
      November 26, 2014

      Hi Again, do you have any recommendation for a dedicated server?
      What about socialfoxhosting or hostiso? They have partnered with some developers.

    • Testers
      by Testers
      January 31, 2016

      We offer dedicated servers on The lowest being $149/month without WHM/Cpanel or $199/month with. We also offer dedicated cloud based on storage needed but can instantly expand that as needed.

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