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by Nick in General about October 29, 2014 open - report

SocialEngine Marketplace

What do you think about new SocialEngine marketplace announcement?


Do you think it will allow to increase quality of plugins? They will be tested by SocialEngine team before the approval.

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3 Answers
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    by Eugene about October 30, 2014

    It should give development community a kick. Not 100% sure if it will be positive in the short run. In case reviews system is smart it will allow to improve the overal quality of 3rd party plugins and SocialEngine itself as well. 

    Thought I would be interested in some serious development in SE core itself as the next step. I think platform is stable enough and it will be great to have some new features added or reworked. Possibly some experimental layout editor to get more people interested.

    I absolutely agree that any kind of developers community is a good idea.

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    by Pulsate Media about October 29, 2014

    I think SE would do well to dogfood their product too. Perhaps by setting up an SE community for community builders. So that Eugene doesn't have to manage this one :)

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    • Eugene
      by Eugene
      October 30, 2014

      Moderation of this community is rather a good thing for us. We can polish our plugins. Especially Honeypot. Luckily I'm not the only one.

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    by Pulsate Media about October 29, 2014

    For sure the entire plugin ecosystem needs a shakeup. Needs to focus on quality, attention to detail and support. It's a hot mess at the moment and the reviews are a joke. Often "encourage
    Right now its about sales. Get the sale by having a long list of "features" that sound great to some. Then when you scratch the surface there are bugs and limitations.

    Less filler, more killer.

    The bigger problem is that a lot of people fall for these tactics. I feel a lot of poeple (site founders) buy into it. Many are under the illusion that more features wll draw people to their site. There's 100's (maybe 1000's) of examples of this on the web. SE sites with a huge top menu and zero activity.

    So, I like the idea of the marketplace, hopefully it will improve things.

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